Two Year Talk is Seeking Contributors

Two-Year Talk is currently seeking contributors. Do you have something to say about two-year college libraries, but no personal blog? Do you find that you don’t have the time to maintain a personal blog, but might like to contribute a blog post once in a while? We encourage those who are interested to sign up as blog authors.  If you would like to read our submission guidelines please see our about page.

The URL for the blog is To be set up as a blog author, go to and create an account.  Then send your WordPress username or e-mail address here. When you submit a post for publication, it will go into “Pending” status until an editor reviews it and “Publishes” it. We have a roster of volunteer editors in charge of proofreading and publishing the posts on weekdays.

There is also a Two Year Talk Google Group, which works as a forum to discuss issues, concerns, topics, etc.  To join the Google Group, contact this email address.

The mission of Two Year Talk: A Blog for Librarians at Two-Year Colleges is to communicate news, promote discussion of relevant issues and serve as a visible development vehicle for two-year college libraries.


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