Mid-terms, papers, and stress, oh my!

October is a stressful month. Fall term is in full swing, with mid-terms and those first “big” papers looming over students, many of whom are still adjusting to their first quarter in college. The Library is full of tense, tired, hard-working students who are typing furiously, studying diligently, and reading attentively. But, it’s past the start of the term and not yet finals, when we have lots of welcome activities or stress relief activities in the Library and on campus, respectively. Thus, it’s a good month to introduce a little fun into the day for students.

We shamelessly introduce this fun with candy – Halloween candy, specifically, which is plentiful and relatively cheap at this time of year. Of course, we also take the opportunity to do some impromptu Library marketing.

To that end, we have business-card sized reminders on how to get help from a librarian that our fabulous student workers staple to the trick-or-treat-sized candies that we hand out.

COCC Library Halloween Marketing

Throughout the month of October, we give these out in classes, when we visit our branch campuses, and at the service desks in the Library itself. Students enjoy the treat (a few laugh at our corny joke on the cards), and it’s a chance for us to tell them about library services.

What creative and fun ways do you market library services to your students in the lull between orientation/welcome events and the push through finals week?


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