Hot Topics Winter ’09–Assessment

Hot Topics in Community College Librarianship

ALA Midwinter Conference, Denver, CO    January 24, 2009

 More than 40 librarians gathered for the Saturday afternoon discussion group.  In addition to librarians in attendance, 2 representatives from a library vendor were also present.   State budget issues were on everyone’s minds, but other “hot” topics came to the forefront for discussion in small groups.  Topics included: 

–Information literacy

–Information commons

–Embedded librarians

— Standards/Accreditation/Assessment/Measurement


–Distance Education (including blended/hybrid course) Issues

–Promoting faculty involvement

— Renovations

–Budget issues and challenges (growing student body, more demands, less $$, joint-use facilities)

–Media Literacy



The “hottest” of the topics seemed to center around Information Literacy, Standards/Accreditation/Assessment/Measurement, Distance Education, Involving Faculty, and Budget Issues and Challenges.  The following are summaries of notes from each group.  Thanks to the note takers from each table. 

Accreditation/Standards/Assessment, etc.

Representatives from North Central, SACS, Western States.  New standards for accreditation are focused on outcomes which are difficult to measure in libraries.  However, the task is ours to define and prove.  Q.E.P.’s are outcomes-based, an issue that each institution must work on.  Librarians must be in on the Q.E.P. planning sessions and create programs to support Q.E. P.’s.


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