Assessment–Hot Topic Summer 08

Notes from ALA Annual Community College Hot Topics Discussion about Assessment

Thanks to David Wright for this summary!

Ideas-1. Short pre- and post-tests.  2. Offer prizes to students at the end of each semester for filling out a survey (using Survey Monkey) on basic Information Competencies.  Prizes  include: Flash drives, books, t-shirts.> Library> Take a survey.  Look at this library’s website.
Has anyone out there created a survey based on competencies for Information Literacy?

Some faculty have broken down the process-i.e.  (1) Annotated Bibliography,  (2) Evaluate process, etc.
Use of “clickers” to obtain instant survey answers.
Intense workshops of plagiarism with a pre- and post-test.
For general orientations, librarians give a sheet to the instructor with a check-off list with topics covered.  Instructors will have an idea of what will be covered during the instruction and may change their requests.
One college creates Common Objectives for the English classes.  Create learning outcomes for specific departments.  Not just the general ones used in the library.
One person breaks up the class into groups and gives them a hands-on assignment.
When illustrating Wikipedia, an instructor changes the information and demonstrates to students.
Glendale College uses the students’ ID numbers and works with the institutional research department and creates a Library workshop that offers a certificate.
Assessing the Reference interview.  Selected students were given a short questionnaire to fill out.
Discussion of assessment of the instructional process and assessment of other library services.  One library developed pre- and post-tests for each class.  One library gave out certificates upon completion of the library session for extra credit.


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